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KYFB Insurance Online Login

KYFB Insurance Login

KYFB Insurance is a trusted source for all your home, life, and auto insurance needs. They have been protecting assets owned by Americans since 1944 in Kentucky.

KYFB insurance provides users with the opportunity to build an insurance portfolio guided by client support executives.  Their free portal is available to members. The guide below will show you steps to follow when signing in for the first time, changing the password, and enrolling as well.

How to Log in to KYFB Insurance Online

Logging into the KYFB Insurance account is easy, just follow the following steps.

Step 1: Go to https://my.kyfb.com/ from your PC browser or your mobile, and click on green “Login” button in the top right corner

Step 2: Key in your email address and password at the left side of the page.

KYFB Insurance Internet Login

Step 3: Hit ‘Login to my.KYFB’ button.

All the fields are case sensitive and so when signing in it should be taken into consideration.

Forgot Password?

In case you have forgotten your password, not to worry because KYFB Insurance’s technical team has got you covered:

Step 1: Visit the main page for the insurance company.

Step 2: Press ‘Please click here to get a reminder’ button under the Forgot your Password section.

Step 3: Type in your email address to continue.

Change your password and login with your login ID given in the email.

How to Register

In case you are a new customer wanting to join FYNB insurance, follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Once you get directed to the insurance company’s website, click the link named as ‘Please click here to register now’ link.

KYFB Insurance Apply

Step 2: Enter your membership or policy number to get enrolled.

Step 3: Provide the essential details to finish the process.

You will receive an Email from the website giving you credentials of your user account information and account set up confirmation.

Manage your KYFB Insurance Online Account

  • Stay in contact with your agent.
  • Pay bills online.
  • Access to billing history.
  • Get your bills and receipts in a paperless and costless manner.
  • File claims.