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Wire Transfer Chase Bank Routing Number

Wire Transfer Chase Bank

Chase bank is a national bank that comprises the consumer and commercial banking subsidiary of multinational Banking Corporation. It has its headquarters in Columbus, Ohio. It has acquired most of the assets and the deposits of Washington Mutual. Chase Bank has more than 5100 branches and 16,100 ATM’s nationwide. It operates in more than 100 countries.

Bank wire transfers are an easy and convenient way to send money from your bank account to another account, but it can be quite expensive. There may be split of costs between you and the other person as the banks charge a fee for both sending outgoing wires and for receiving incoming ones. You are able to send wire transfers within the U.S and to other countries, the international type is more costly.

Routing Numbers:

Chase Bank routing number is very much necessary for receiving wire transfers into your account.

Here are the routing numbers listed below. You can select the routing number that corresponds to the region where you have opened the account.

  • 122100024 – Arizona
  • 322271627 – California
  • 102001017 – Colorado
  • 021100361 – Connecticut
  • 267084131 – Florida
  • 061092387 – Georgia
  • 123271978 – Idaho
  • 071000013 – Illinois
  • 074000010 – Indiana
  • 083000137 – Kentucky
  • 065400137 – Louisiana
  • 072000326 – Michigan
  • 322271627 – Nevada
  • 021202337 – New Jersey
  • 021000021 – New York – Downstate
  • 022300173 – New York – Upstate
  • 044000037 – Ohio
  • 103000648 – Oklahoma
  • 325070760 – Oregon
  • 111000614 – Texas
  • 124001545 – Utah
  • 325070760 – Washington
  • 051900366 – West Virginia

How to find the routing number of your account:

You can easily find the routing number on your cheques. It is a number printed at the bottom of your cheque but considers only the first nine digits.

Method to wire the money:

Wire transfers provide the easiest way to transfer funds into your Chase Bank account. It allows you in receiving both international and domestic wire transfers. The transaction continues when the sender has given the bank and account details. SWIFT code is required for International wire transfers. Online transfers can be done by visiting the nearest branch.

Domestic Wire:

It helps in receiving the funds quickly. For receiving the domestic wire transfers, you should provide the bank and account details to the financial institution to start the transaction.

  • Bank Name – Chase Bank
  • Routing Number – 021000021
  • Address of Bank – Columbus, OH
  • Creditor’s Name – Your name as it appears on your statement
  • Creditor’s Account Number – Your Chase Bank account number

International Wire:

It allows you to receive and send international funds through international wire transfer. You have an access to send payments in more than 35 different currencies throughout the world. To receive wire transfers, provide the following bank and account information to transferring institution.

  • Swift Code – CHASUS33
  • Routing Number – 021000021
  • Bank Name – Chase Bank
  • City, State – Columbus, OH
  • Customer’s Name – Your name as it appears on your statement
  • Customer’s Account Number – Your Chase Bank account number